How do I apply?

USC uses an online application process (no hard copy, emailed, or faxed resumes accepted). Apply from any computer with internet access. If you do not have a computer with internet access, USC Talent Management has partnered with the local WorkSource Center which provides computers specifically designated for online job applicants.

WorkSource Center
3965 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90037
(323) 730-7900
TTY: (323) 730-7937
Fax: (323) 730-7934

You can also email Talent Management for help.

If this is your first time using USC’s online application system, you will be prompted to create a log-in name and password. Once you complete your online application, you will receive a confirmation page indicating your resume and application materials were successfully submitted. You can also check on the status of your application by logging back in to the system. Click on the “Application Status” link in the top left of the page to review each of your applications. If your status says “In Progress” then your application has been received and is under consideration from the department’s hiring manager.

  • If you do not follow the process or your application/resume is incomplete, your information will not be processed
  • While the application is submitted through Talent Management’s applicant tracking system, all hiring decisions are made directly by the department that has posted the position
  • Positions are full-time (100%) and “open until filled,” unless otherwise stated

Once applications are submitted they are final. Please carefully review your application and the documents which you are attaching to make sure that they are free from errors and complete.